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Our Story


Unbeknownst to Nimita and Ketan, it was to be the love of baking that was quite literally going to be the icing on the cake for them!


Nimita was fascinated with baking from a young age. As a child she spent much of her time baking and decorating cakes with her mum at every given opportunity. While Nimita enjoyed bringing cakes to life, Ketan on the other hand, relished eating them! The son of an avid baker, Ketan’s childhood was spent as a ‘chief taster’ and he was fortunate to be able to develop an appreciation for cakes that were not only visually stunning but delicious too thanks to his father, Kiran!


For a long time Ketan remained a recipient and admirer of cakes for various events, particularly birthdays. This enabled him to develop a strong palate to distinguish and appreciate superior quality flavours and textures. Given that he was the son of a baker, it was only inevitable that his future wife Nimita would eventually get to taste his father’s cake, which is exactly what happened on her eighteenth birthday. However unbeknownst to Ketan, Nimita already had a huge early love and passion for cake making and after one bite of Kiran’s cakes, Nimita was hooked! It seemed the stars had aligned to ensure that the art of cake would continue to be passed down from one generation to the next and Ketan would continue to enjoy great tasting cake for a long time yet! 


Under Kiran’s guidance and mentorship, Nimita discovered a whole world of cake decorating! From learning the gentle art of handmade sugar flowers to baking delectable homemade treats using only the finest ingredients ensuring tasty bakes every time.




















The years rolled by and after studying Psychology at university, Nimita pursued a professional career as a Psychologist whilst Ketan pursued a career in the Financial Services. He continued to support and encourage Nimita for many years as she kept her love for cake art alive as a hobby alongside her career. Nimita’s skill and flair meant her client base continued to grow and with increasing demand, she decided to combine both her passions and thus The Cakeologists were born! 


Very soon The Cakeologists were becoming renowned for creating tasty masterpieces and began experimenting with more distinctive cakes, ones that were works of science as well as art! With Ketan’s natural flair for the sciences, he began to lend his talents and abilities in this area, to great success. With Nimita’s on-going training and guidance, Ketan made the shift from a long time cake recipient to a fully-fledged Cakeologist, much to his father’s delight! 


Nimita’s unique and elegant style and Ketan’s attention to detail, provide the perfect ingredients that go hand in hand to create edible masterpieces which have been the focal point at events time and time again. After fifteen years of baking, and continuously striving to better their skills (with Nimita holding an internationally recognised Masters in Sugarcraft) ensures that when it comes to cake, the couple set the bar high. Their accomplishments originate from hard work, sheer determination and a real love to produce beautiful and innovative designs never compromising on taste, ensuring every cake is produced to the highest standard.

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